Settling the New World – Monday, September 12

We began class by reviewing our vocabulary words (same as last week) and going over new strategies to help us remember them. Quiz on Friday.

We set up our table of contents for unit one and also our first set of Cornell notes:

Topic: Settling the New World

EQ: Explain how the British American colonies developed economically, politically, and socially.

Today in class we went over some brief powerpoint notes on the Age of Exploration.

We then did a reading on mercantilism (also use absent folder to get it) and added information from that reading into our notes. We put the following question on the left-hand side:

1. What is mercantilism?

2. Why did the British implement a system of mercantilism?

3. How did mercantilism impact the colonies AND the British?

HW: Check for understanding on the back of the mercantilism reading

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