Opening Day (Wed. 9/3)

Welcome to US History!!!

Due Thursday: Read and take notes on your syllabus in preparation for a syllabus quiz on Thursday.

Today we began class with a quickwrite. Respond to the following prompt in complete sentences:

◦What is the purpose of high school?

◦If you had the chance to design your own school to accomplish that purpose, describe how it would function:

◦What classes or activities would be offered?

◦What rules would be in place?

◦What behaviors should students exhibit?

 We then worked on active listening skills by sharing our quickwrites with others and paraphrasing what we heard from others.

Finally, we did a short team building exercise: everyone wrote four statements about themselves – three true, one a lie. We then shared and tried to guess which statement was untrue.

If you were absent, check the absent folder for the papers we picked up as well as the homework board.

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