January 17 – 20: Immigrant Experience Project

The Immigrant Experience Project

The best way to learn about immigration is to examine the experience of a particular immigrant group. Here is your task:

1. Create a poster (use the size provided by Mr. Bell) to tell the story of your immigrant group.

a. Your poster should contain TYPED answers to the questions below.

· When did they come to America?

· Why did they come to America?

· Where did they settle?

· What struggles (if any) did they face?

· What discrimination (if any) did they face?

· What contributions did they make to American culture?

· What successes has this immigrant group enjoyed (ex: the Irish – helping to complete the Erie Canal)?

b. Your poster should contain ONE carefully, selected image that conveys an important idea about your immigrant group’s experience.

c. Your poster should contain a REFLECTION that explains what you learned about immigration from researching a particular immigrant group

3. You may choose from the following immigrant groups:

* Mexicans 
* Germans 
* Irish 
* Japanese 
* Chinese 
* Russians / Poles 
* Italians 
* Scandinavians 
* Cubans / Puerto Ricans
* Vietnamese (search for “Vietnamese Americans”)

Monday, May 11

Today we added to your notes from Friday on the Vietnam War. Be sure to grab a copy of the PPT notes (it begins with a slide on the “Counterculture”) and add all of those notes to your “Vietnam War” Cornell notes (Green)

Stock Market Crash

Populist Movement (Friday, February 14)

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